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24 September 2011 @ 09:41 am
K-pop: 너 무 너 무 촣 아 해 요!  
The title of my blog translates to 'I really really like K-pop'. =)

I could vividly remember how my addiction to Asian entertainment started. I was in fourth grade when ABS-CBN channel 2 bought the rights to air Meteor Garden, a hit Taiwanese television drama which is an adaptation of a Japanese manga (comic book). I would always tune in on the television to make sure that I don't miss a single episode, since DVDs and online streaming weren't available at that time. It was a gamble on the part of the network, since this was the first try in the Philippines to have the country exposed to media from another Asian country. We've had shows from other countries before, but they're just usually Mexican telenovelas starring Thalia. With the succes of Meteor Garden in the Philippines, ABS-CBN's rival network got taken aback. GMA 7 needed to fire back, so they aired Autumn In My Heart, the first Korean drama to be shown in our country. The rest is history.

For some reason, I've developed an overwhelming amount of fondness towards these dramas. I strated listening to the songs which are part of a show's soundtrack, leading me to the world of K-pop, the term used to refer to Korean pop music.

Basically, I like K-pop because:
1. The korean artists - solo performers, boy and girl groups - always render an awesome perfromace. They always sing and dance in a synchronized manner. Besides, they undergo a minimum of 5 years of training before their public 'debut'.
2. I love how they have different concepts for every album. In Korea, it's natural for artists to go on a hiatus, only to have a comeback with a different album concept which is reflected in their songs and outfits.
3. I find the melody of their songs catchy.

People who do not share the same views about K-pop would always ask me the same thing: How can you like it when you don't even understand the lyrics? Fortunately, after our discussion of the Uses and Gratifications Theory during Comm class, I realized that I just might have found the best answer to this question. The theory talks about the active audience, and it said here that intentionality is one of the activities in which media consumers could engage. Yes, I don't understand the lyrics of the songs unless I search for the English translation online, but this actually makes it more appealing for me. (Whaaat?)

Before you think of me as weird or anything, let me explain myself first ^_^. Going back to intentionality, it said that it occurs when people's prior motivations determine their consumption of media content. Relating this concept to K-pop, I'm able to give my own interpretations of the Korean songs I listen to depending on how I'm feeling at a certain time. I could freely associate with or connect the songs to my own emotions. K-pop gives me the freedom to consume it in the way I want, totally reinforcing the idea of intentionality.

The fact that I love K-pop doesn't mean that I don't patronize our own forms of media anymore. It's just that I'm able to find comfort and enjoyment in Korean music, and it also cultivates my interest in exploring other cultures.

P.S. I took Korean as my FLC, and I'm really thankful that I did, since I'm able to learn and have fun at the same time.
Alyssa Beltran San PedroAlyssa Beltran San Pedro on September 28th, 2011 09:09 am (UTC)
KPop (not) Fan
HAHAHAHAHA True. "How can you like it when you don't even understand the lyrics?" That's the first question that I ask my friends whenever they craze about anything that's Korean-related. But then my friend, Jina, once told me, "It's practically similar to your case - you, liking Miley Cyrus while everyone else hates her. And lastly, I do agree with what you said about your own interpretation of their songs, depending on your mood. There would also be times when I would like to listen to it, simply because the melody could very much relate to how I'm feeling on that particular moment.