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23 July 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Week 5: Who says, who says you're not perfect, who says you're not worth it?  
The title of this blog entry was actually taken from Who Says, a song by Selena Gomez. Thanks, Selena, for somehow helping me with this post, and for dating Justin Bieber (Sarcasm in da house, yo!).

I must say, learning about the Uncertainty Reduction and Social Exchange Theory is really fascinating. I’ve never even thought about these concepts until now, and it’s interesting to note that these do apply in our daily living. Among all the subtopics discussed in the two theories, the Comparison Level managed to catch my attention, probably because it plays a crucial role in how a person sees one's self in relation to others. 

The Comparison Level is defined to be the standards a person use to determine the rewards or benefits that he should receive from a relationship. In other words, it is what we think we DESERVE. The concept of self worth then comes to play, and this greatly affects our communication with the people around us. 
As we walk this earth one day at a time, there are times when we question our worth as we compare ourselves to other people. We would meet people who seem superior to us in different aspects such as physical appearance and social class, to name a few. This scenario is evident in films and television shows, and many of us could totally relate to their situations. This also applies not only to friendships, but to romantic relationships as well. 
Let's be honest. Whenever some of us see an unknown couple hand in hand while walking down the street, there are times when we inevitably assess them and make a few comments which we either keep to ourselves or share to the people we're with. Usually, if the boy or the girl isn't as gorgeous as the other, we would say, "Hindi sila bagay" or "Lugi naman yung isa". This could oftentimes be an issue in relationships, especially when one gives importance to what other people think, and also when one gives in to his/her insecurities. 

 Although we might not notice it, the idea of self worth dictates how we act or behave around people. It is an integral part of us as human beings, since how we view ourselves determines how others view us in return. Indeed, it's something we should really take into consideration, since it plays a very important role in our everyday communication with one another. There's nothing bad in appreciating other people, but it would be dangerous to lose your appreciation of yourself in the process. Yes, life could be unfair at times, but learning to see the good things about ourselves could somehow help us get by. At the end of the day, only you have the power to determine what is rightfully yours. As long as you don't step on somebody's toes, you're good to go!
So.. when was the last time you felt good about yourself? Go ahead, smile, and give yourself a pat on the back. In one way or another, you deserve it. 

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